GraveSykumLogan Multimedia network


Influence and Inspire

With our experience building and executing regional marketing campaigns, managing content rights, or planning influencer strategies, we've done it all.

As the fastest growing multimedia company and talent network in the Philippines, we leverage years of experience to capture opportunities in the rapidly growing markets in the country.

About us

From modest beginnings to becoming internet sensations, we’ve helped hundreds of creators realize their creative and commercial potential while entertaining the world.


With their influence, they’ve helped brands build wonderful stories that millions of people connect with.


Over the years, we have developed, produced, and distributed world-class campaigns that have created meaningful growth and value for hundreds of clients.


Whether you're a creator, entrepreneur, or global enterprise, we're equipped and ready to help you.


We know we have the winning formula to engage users and consumers with the content we create while making an impact.

We believe that we have the key to how an audience sees a movement, a brand, a product, and that is simply through content. It's just a matter of how that content is presented and who it is presented by, and that is something we have mastered.


We are a full service, strategic marketing partner that helps brands and agencies exceed their potential through content and distribution.

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